Only Screenshots available at the moment. Explanations follow images, click thumbnails to enlarge.

This is a shader I wrote with FX Composer, in HLSL. The purpose of the shader is to calculate per-pixel phong lighting and shading across the surface of each material. Reflections are done via a pre-generated cubemap, and the shader boasts most of the major material parameters you find in a professional 3d art package, such as diffuse color, specular amount, power, color, etc.

I did port a version of this shader to GTA:SA, although the engine did not support shaders at the time the game was released (all rendering was done via the d3d9 fixed-function pipeline). Here are a couple screenshots of that, while a full explanation is available on my GTA:SA page.

These are just tests. Both vehicles are using the same version of the shader, but the delivery truck is using a different normal map to show off the effect.